Will You Wake Up Today?

by Dusk at the Mansion

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Dusk at the Mansion's first record.


released May 4, 2012

Recorded between 2011 and 2012 at David’s and Ricardo’s places, Golden Pony Studio and Ricco Vitali’s studio - Lisbon, Portugal.

Written, performed and programmed by David Costa, Leihla Pinho and Ricardo Mestre.

Mixed and mastered by Ricco Vitali.

Artwork and design by Ricardo Mestre.

Dusk at the Mansion would like to thank all their friends, family and lovers.




Dusk at the Mansion Lisboa, Portugal

Dusk at the Mansion is a Portuguese electronic band formed in 2009 in Lisbon by David Costa (Drums), Leihla Pinho (Cello) and Ricardo Mestre (Vocals/Keyboard/Laptop).
Its sound and imagery builds upon melancholic landscapes and energetic rhythms.

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Track Name: Will You Wake Up Today?
Stuck in memories
Time will take you down
Stuck in time
Memories will tear you down

You have been feeding Secret devices
Little machineries

Made of breathing bones
And memory tricks

Oh falling dusk
Will you wake up today?

Oh falling dusk
Will they live or will they fade?
Track Name: The Portrait
Suddenly, a naked body appeared inside the portrait
His skin was coal-dark as the stones under his feet
A reddish sunflower flourishing in the place of his head

Step by step, the thing came towards me
And stood close and still - like a dead rock
Then a voice from the inner deep of the portrait spoke and said:

You will not rise from the ashes of the bodies you have burned
You will not rise
Track Name: Model in Pieces
The model was perfect, ready to sell
Except for one secret, nobody would tell

The perfect proportions, painted in the sky
Someone's master piece, they call it mine

A model in pieces, I won't build it up
It's so sadly perfect, for me not enough

No order was made, someone rang the bell
A piece of TV came out of the shell

Its commonplaceness, made by ego shine
I'll now break the box, don't call it fragile

A model in pieces, I won't build it up
It's so sadly perfect, for me not enough

I'll wait, I'll wait
I'll wait, I'll wait

I'll wait till tonight
I'll wait till tomorrow
I'll wait till the night
I'll wait till tomorrow

I won't be sorrow
I won't feel sorrow
I won't be sorrow
I won't feel sorrow
Track Name: Deep Breath
Wake, back
A deep breath

At the end of that night
Still images in my sight
My reminders of you
Some days welcome into

May I teach my own fears
Move outside my frontiers
Will they take over me
And insist I can't be

In the clock of my mind
Lost the track of the time
And my deep memories
Feed my head's mysteries

t's so early but late
I push hardly my break
I push hardly my break
I push hardly my break

Wake me up, push me back
Still I wait, a deep breath

Wake me up, push me back
If you'll late, I'll be dead